Jan 23
Orange Health Service welcomes new junior doctors for 2017

​Orange Health Service officially welcomed its 2017 intake of new medical recruits today.

The interns have been selected through NSW Health's Rural Preferential Recruitment program, co-ordinated by Health Education and Training Institute (HETI).

Orange Director of Medical Services, Dr Peter Thomas said there was a lot of demand for places.

“This year's cohort of applicants was the largest the service had ever seen."

“We interviewed about 80 medical students for 16 vacancies, indicating the highly competitive nature of our positions and the interest that new doctors have in starting their careers here, taking advantage of the hospital's state-of-the-art facilities and specialist medical expertise," he said.

Interns will complete two years of training at the hospital, offering them a breadth of clinical specialties on one campus.

“At the completion of the two year residency program, many of these doctors will go on to undertake specialty training here in Orange, which is fantastic for the future provision of rural medical services."

“We are all looking forward to working with our new junior doctors and hope that many of them will choose rural practice long term."