Feb 10
Coonabarabran to pilot outreach chemotherapy clinic

The Western NSW Local Health District is pleased to announce that the Coonabarabran Health Service will soon start delivering a new, innovative program of outreach chemotherapy services, which is the first of its kind in NSW.

Named Remote Video Assisted Chemotherapy (RVAC), the supported outreach chemotherapy clinic is due to start in April 2017, and has been established in partnership with the Dubbo Health Service.

According to Dubbo-based Medical Oncologist, Dr Florian Honeyball, this service will enable some Coonabarabran patients to receive low risk chemotherapy at the Coonabarabran Health Service, rather than travelling to Dubbo for each treatment.

“Dubbo Health Service provides the majority of chemotherapy and cancer treatments for much of the northern sector of the Western NSW Local Health District, and this outreach service will allow treatment of eligible patients as close to home as possible, in a safe environment," he said.

“We will utilise Telehealth to enable this new, supported chemotherapy service to occur. This will ensure the ability to have a supervising nurse at Dubbo, overseeing and supporting the nurse administering chemotherapy in Coonabarabran.

“I look forward to working with the Coonabarabran Health Service to deliver this innovative outreach program."

Health Service Manager at the Coonabarabran Health Service, Susan Berry, said there are enormous benefits for residents to receive services in their own community.

“This is about supporting our local communities to receive the health services and treatments they need closer to their community, wherever we can," Susan said.

“It also relieves the burden on cancer services at the Dubbo Health Service, as well as the Community Transport Service. There are benefits for our staff too, as there will be an opportunity to upskill and deliver this important service to our local community.

“It's a great initiative to allow flexibility for some local people to receive cancer treatment closer to their family and community."

Nurses are currently being trained to deliver this service, with the first clinic scheduled for April.

If Coonabarabran residents would like more information about the chemotherapy clinic, please contact the Coonabarabran Health Service on 02 6826 6100.