Mar 09
Baradine Health Council celebrates another successful year

The Baradine Health Council was busy in the local community in 2016, achieving a number of excellent results to help improve the health outcomes of the local area.

Baradine Health Council Chair, Jess Taylor said she was very pleased with the activities undertaken by the Baradine Health Council in 2016.

“In February, the Health Council and Baradine Health Service was successful in receiving a grant with assistance from the Baradine Progress Association. This grant will be funding a 12 month Living Well Together programme for the youth in the local community and the Baradine Health Council will be holding events, training programmes and activities during the year," Jess said.

“The program includes focussing on key areas for young people including healthy cooking, sexual health, anger management, resilience and relationship skills, how to quit smoking and a range of education, training and apprenticeships skills to help young people find meaningful employment."

“We were pleased to undertake our first activity last year as part of this program, which was a pool party, aimed at getting our young people more active."

“In March, the Health Council held a young farmers challenge, which was very successful. During April at the Baradine school fete, the Health Council supported falls and anti-smoking promotion activities which saw lots of community members seeking information."

“June saw the Health Council organise a Health Gala Day held at the local league game, where we distributed packages of health information for youth, and in July our town's sporting teams did visits to the Aged Care residents at the Baradine Multipurpose Service, which was very much enjoyed by the residents."

“In September, the Baradine Health Council formed the Living Well Together steering committee which will oversee the activities planned with the money received for the 12 month Living Well Together programme for youth."

“The men's monthly morning tea formed over twelve months ago is also still going very strong and is now standing alone with numbers increasing each month. We are all very proud of the Baradine Health Council and its achievements and hope our community continues to feel the benefits and impact from the dedication of our group."

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