Mar 17
Narromine Health Service and Timbrebongie strengthen partnership

​Narromine Health Service and local aged care provider, Timbrebongie continue to strengthen their partnership to ensure the local community can access a range of health services locally.

Local residents requiring aged care services will continue to be referred to Timbrebongie or another suitable nursing home, while Narromine Health Service continues to treat acute care patients requiring healthcare in a hospital setting.

Narromine Acting Health Service Manager, Katrina Mulligan said Narromine Health Service does not have any available aged care beds, however by working closely with Timbrebongie, all community members who need a place will be accommodated.

“People living in the local community should continue to present to Narromine Health Service for emergency, acute care and primary and community health services, while aged care services are run from Timbrebongie and other nursing homes in the local area," Ms Mulligan said.

“Over the past 12 months, Narromine Health Service has moved away from having long-stay, nursing home-type beds, due to the availability of such services at Timbrebongie, so the Health Service can focus on providing acute patient care to people in hospital."

“The most important thing for us is to work together for the Narromine community so that a range of comprehensive and holistic health services, including both acute care and aged care services are available to residents who need them, wherever those services may be."

“Narromine Health Service can provide short-stay acute care to those in need, but for long-stay nursing home-type care, a nursing home such as Timbrebongie is the best option."

“I will continue to work closely with staff at Timbrebongie to ensure that any patients presenting to Narromine Health Service who require an aged care bed are found a suitable arrangement."

Katrina also assured the community that anyone currently in long-term care at Narromine Health Service will continue to be cared for in their existing arrangement.

“We will of course continue to care for those currently in long-term care at Narromine Health Service," Ms Mulligan said.

“If an unwell person presents to Narromine Health Service who requires full-time care, and no bed is available at a suitable nursing home, Narromine Health Service will care for them until a place is available, or until they are well enough to go home."

Local community members with questions or concerns about health services available in Narromine can call the Narromine Health Service and speak to the local Health Service Manager on (02) 6889 9600.

Media enquiries: Brendan Williams, Media Manager, Western NSW Local Health District via