Mar 27
Wellington Health Council begin ‘rounding’ with local community

The Wellington Health Council has commenced 'rounding' so the community can have a say in the delivery of local health services.

Wellington Health Council has nine Health Councillors who are getting out into the community and asking locals what is working well in the hospital and what could be improved.

Health Service Manager, Sally Loughnan said the feedback that is being provided by the community is very useful.

“The feedback received will be used to help improve how we provide services and identify areas of concern to the community," Sally said.

“It is great to hear what local people think we can do to make their health service better. It is also useful to hear what we are doing well, and is an opportunity to recognise the good work done by staff."

“Getting our Health Councillors out and about in Wellington will ensure the local community knows who they are, and who they can speak to if they'd like to have a chat about health services available in Wellington," she said.

“The Health Council is excited to be out in the community having these pivotal discussions, and they hope the discussions will allow us to tackle suggestions made by the community."

“I will be working with the Health Council to map the responses we receive from these discussions to ensure that concerns raised are addressed resulting in excellent patient safety and health outcomes."

“If you see any of our Health Councillors around town, I'm sure they would love to have a chat with you."

Wellington Health Service members include Kevin Mason (Chair), Ross Godfrey, Sheila Bryant, Roberta Playford, Clare Manning, Sue Green, Kay Munro, Pip Smith and Robyn Hinton.

For more information about becoming a health councillor at Wellington Health Service, please visit, or contact Sally Loughnan at Wellington Health Service on (02) 6840 7200.

Media enquiries: Brendan Williams, Media Manager, Western NSW Local Health District via