Aug 26
Joining forces for fitness

The Orange Health Service Community Health team is joining forces with staff and local residents to fire up their fitness levels, as part of a 10-week healthy lifestyle challenge.

The Get Healthy Orange program is funded by the Australian Better Health Initiative (ABHI), which aims to help women decrease their risk of chronic disease by reducing their waist measurement.

Community Dietitian Christine Jusuf said participants can expect comprehensive guidance in learning how to moderate their eating habits and increase their fitness levels.

“The program kicked off on the 10th of August with 15 women from across the community and staff from the Orange Health Service,” said Ms Jusuf.

All participants are aged 25-50 years with one or more risk factors for heart disease or type 2 diabetes (overweight or obese, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, impaired glucose tolerance).

“Measuring waist circumference is a simple way to determine how much body fat you have and whether you are at risk of developing serious health problems,” said Ms Jusuf.

“If women’s waists measure more than 80cm and men more than 94cm, they could be at risk.”

The program includes 30 minutes of low to moderate intensity exercise, as well as a nutrition session outlining practical advice and simple tips on how to adopt healthy eating habits for life.

“Most of us know the ingredients of a healthy lifestyle, but it can be difficult to put it all into practice - that’s why we’re keen to help.

Ms Jusuf said the Community Health team is confident the group training model will support new friendships and help participants to motivate each other towards positive health outcomes

“This program is a great way for women facing similar health hurdles to join forces and proactively change the way they manage their health.”

Sessions are held every Wednesday for 10-weeks at 5:30pm. Participants meet outside the Community Health entrance to the Orange Health Service (eastern entrance).

The program is free and includes:

  • Support and monitoring of weight and waist measurements
  • Education sessions on topics to improve everyday nutrition
  • Supervised low to moderate intensity exercise