Aug 29
Put your own stamp on health services in Bathurst

Members of the Bathurst community with an interest in the future of health services are being urged to nominate for appointment to the Bathurst Health Council.

Bathurst Health Council Chair John Kellett said Health Councils provide an opportunity for community members to bring health issues to the attention of the Western NSW Local Health District.

"Health Council members play an important role in planning and delivering health services in Bathurst,” said Mr Kellett.

“Our members have an opportunity to work with Health Managers and clinical staff to identify, from a consumer perspective, the needs of their community and services that are required.”

The Bathurst Health Council is currently recruiting to fill three positions and is calling on members of the community to nominate for appointment. There are 12 members at full capacity.

“Our Health Council has a strong community voice and we’re encouraging people from all walks of life to nominate, so we can continue to represent everyone’s interests,” said Mr Kellett.

Participation is voluntary, but if members incur costs such as travel, accommodation or child care, then approved activities are funded or resourced by the Health Service.

“At a minimum, membership requires attendance at monthly meetings of the Health Council, but there are plenty of opportunities for wider participation in committees and workshops associated with areas of personal interest,” said Mr Kellett.

"We provide planning advice to the Western NSW LHD based on our local knowledge. Members are committed to giving the community a voice on issues that affect the health and wellbeing of its citizens," said Mr Kellett.

He said members can come from various backgrounds and do not need to have experience in the health sector.

"Applicants without a health professional background are most welcome as they are able to bring a truly independent consumer perspective to their role," said Mr Kellett.

Health Application Kits and additional information can be obtained by contacting, Robyn Morrissey on 6330 5333 or via email. Applications close Thursday 15 September 2011.

Please return your application either via email or mail to: Robyn Morrissey – Executive Assistant, Bathurst Health Service, Heritage Building, PO Box 143, Bathurst, 2795.