Feb 09
Credit due to Nyngan Health Service

​Nyngan Health Service was recently awarded two ‘Met with Merits’ for actions being taken to improve the safety and quality of patient care as part of a recent accreditation audit.

Nyngan Health Service is accredited under the National Safety and Quality Healthcare standards. The 10 Standards include Clinical Governance, Partnering with Consumers, Medication Safety, Blood Management and more.

Jennifer Griffiths, Health Service Manager for Nyngan Health Service said the Standards protect the community and improve the quality of health services.

“Nyngan Health Service met all 254 actions which make up the 10 national standards,” said Ms Griffiths.
“The independent auditor highlighted that staff at Nyngan Health Service look for ways to improve the quality of outcomes for patients and residents. They also found that a project aimed at improving the wellbeing of residents has also increased teamwork across all departments.

“We recognise that Accreditation is an important driver for safety and quality improvement and Australia’s health accreditation processes are highly regarded internationally.

“The Standards have been designed for all health services and provide a nationally consistent statement of the level of care consumers should expect from health services.”