Apr 23
Patients feel the benefits of new medical imaging equipment in Mudgee

​Patients will feel real benefits from new equipment recently purchased by Mudgee Health Service's Medical Imaging Unit worth $132,000.

Chief Radiographer at Mudgee Health Service, Adrian Johnson said the equipment is a really important addition to medical imaging services in Mudgee.

“We perform about 2,300 ultrasounds each year, so the new ultrasound machine will be put to very good use," Mr Johnson said.

“The new ultrasound machine allows us to process a high volume of obstetric, vascular and musculo-skeletal patients that see us for ultrasounds."

“This advanced technology will have a direct benefit on patients as it allows clinicians to visualise pathology earlier and with more resolution than previous systems. This will allow for earlier detection and treatment of medical conditions that will improve health outcomes for patients."

“The ultrasound machine also provides a higher level of diagnostic confidence which will assure doctors of a timely and accurate diagnosis of illnesses."

“Patients will also find the new ultrasound machine more comfortable with new ergonomic designs putting less physical pressure on patients."

The purchase of the new ultrasound machine follows new equipment installed in Mudgee last year including the refit of the x-ray room totalling $170,000 which was completed in March and the upgrade of the mobile x-ray unit totalling $17,000 which was completed in February 2017.

Mr Johnson said he is also reminding the community that people can have their x-rays and ultrasounds at Mudgee Health Service.

“Patients who need an x-ray or ultrasound can ask their doctor to refer them to the Hospital's Medical Imaging Department," he said.

“These examinations are bulk billed which means Medicare will pay the hospital to perform the scan, so your local hospital benefits when you use the medical imaging department."

For more information about medical imaging services in Western NSW Local Health District, please visit our website: https://wnswlhd.health.nsw.gov.au/our-services/medical-imaging