May 07
Child dental services receive boost at Oberon

​A child dental service offered by the Western NSW Local Health District in Oberon will soon move to premises at the Oberon Multipurpose Service (MPS).

Staff from the Bathurst Community Dental Clinic have provided a fortnightly outreach clinic at council-owned rooms in Oberon since 2007.

Oberon MPS Acting Health Service Manager, Karen Matthews said the Local Health District have been looking at opportunities to move the clinic to newer premises.

“We have been working closely with the Oberon Health Council to identify a suitable location at the MPS to continue to deliver the child dental clinic moving into the future," Karen said.

“By offering the clinic at the MPS, we open better opportunities for dental staff to work with local community health staff at the MPS who also provide services to local children."

The location where the dental service is currently operating is quite old and the Local Health District will be installing new dental equipment for use in the new location.

“A dental chair, dental operating units and dental x-ray machine have been purchased by the Local Health District to fit out the new rooms at the MPS costing more than $44,000," Karen said.

“The room is currently being prepared, with new air conditioning already installed and painting and plumbing works currently underway."

Dental Therapist Jenny James said she is looking forward to running child dental services from the new premises.

“There are many families in Oberon who rely on this dental service and the new clinic area will be a great environment for children and for the staff providing the services," Jenny said.

“The Local Health District provides free dental care for children, so please make the most of this service and make an appointment today."

The Oberon MPS is encouraging all local families to make an appointment for their children to get a dental check-up by phoning 1300 552 626.

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