May 25
Patients benefit from new medical imaging equipment at Orange Health Service

​Patients will benefit from just under $1M worth of new state-of-the-art equipment recently purchased by Orange Health Service's Medical Imaging Unit.

The equipment includes a fluoroscopy x-ray room worth more than $720,000 and two new ultrasound machines worth almost $250,000.

Chief radiographer at Orange Health Service, James Harvey said the equipment is a really important addition to medical imaging services in Orange.

“The new fluoroscopy x-ray room was installed in January and is currently the only one in Orange. It replaces the last fixed piece of medical imaging equipment moved from the old Orange Hospital and means we can continue to offer a variety of specialised imaging services that only this type of machine is capable of," Mr Harvey said.

“The equipment provides improved image quality of routine urology, oncology, angiography and paediatric interventional procedures that require x-rays."

“The new fluoroscopy machine also allows improved patient comfort during procedures and a reduction in radiation doses by up to two-thirds without compromising image quality."

Two new state-of-the-art ultrasound machines were also installed in the department in April this year.

“Ultrasound is the busiest unit in the Medical Imaging Department at Orange Health Service, so the new ultrasound machines will be put to very good use," senior sonographer Dr Jacqueline Spurway said.

“The technology employed in new ultrasound machines will have a direct benefit to patients as the ultrasound machines provide superior visualisation and resolution compared to the previous systems. This will allow for improved detection of medical conditions, thereby improving health outcomes for patients," Dr Spurway said.