Aug 13
Canobolas Lions Club donates $100K for new equipment at Orange Health Service
Canobolas Lions Club members have worked tirelessly to raised $100 000 to enable Orange hospital to purchase a Transperineal machine. 

For the past two years club members have worked relentlessly to raise these funds to enable our community has access to this leading edge technology. 

The transperineal machine is used to take tissue samples of the prostate. The machine will replace existing technology and lowers the risk of infection and other complications.

Orange Health Service General Manager, Catherine Nowlan said, “It’s estimated more than 17,700 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in Australia this year.”

Prostate cancer is the most common internal cancer in Australian men and is the second leading cause of death in Australian men. It is estimated that 95% of men will survival prostate cancer, this is a significant improvement since the eights when it was 58%   

A comprehensive on site education program for doctors and nurses at the hospital will commence on Tuesday 14 August 2018 with the supplier.  

“In transperineal equipment had a total cost of t $260,000 the remaining $160,000 was provided by the NSW Government.

“This is a fabulous addition to our hospital and we’re extremely grateful to the Canobolas Lions Club for working so hard and raising the funds to enable us to purchase this advanced technology”. 

Media Opportunity

Time: 7:45 am 14 August 2018 at the front entrance
Location: Orange Health Service 

A number of people will be available to interview​.