Aug 24
Grenfell MPS residents helping out the regions farmers
​Residents at the Grenfell Multi Purpose Service know what it’s like to live on the land during drought. 

Many of our residents have farming backgrounds and know how tough it can be. 

In an effort to help the farmers, our residents want to help and have started to collect donations to create hampers for producers in our region. 

Grenfell Health Service Manager, Pauline Rowston said “It was during a group discussion between our resident and Activities Officer Gail Weekes, that the residents decided they wanted to help the farmers in the region”. 

Resident, family members and staff have been donating non-perishable items for hampers to assist those on the land. 

“It’s been great for the residents, many of them have taken an interest in the items donated and they intend to continue on inviting donations for the duration of the drought”.