Aug 31
Get your facts right during Asthma Week
The 2018 Asthma Week from 1 – 7 September, and the Western NSW Local Health District is supporting the theme of Busting asthma myths, get the facts. 

Integrated Care, Change Manager Felicity Lynch said, “Asthma is a condition that affects two-thirds of Australians. This week is a great opportunity to review your asthma control and learn more about managing the common lung disease”. 

Members of the Mudgee community who have asthma or chronic lung problems are being urged to take action and get their health under control. 

“Patients can take charge of their lung health by visiting one of the free asthma or chronic lung conditions clinics being offered at both the South Mudgee Surgery and Mudgee Medical Centre.

To make a booking at one of the clinics, call South Mudgee Surgery on 63724355 or Mudgee Medical Centre on 63728100.

“The local pharmacies are also a great source of advice and guidance regarding asthma management” Felicity said. 

It’s also important for people to know asthma first aid, so they can help when family or friends need it. 

The four steps to remember are:

1. Sit the person upright
2. Give four separate puffs from their reliever puffer
3. Wait four minutes. If there’s no improvement, give four more puffs and
4. If there’s still no improvement, dial 000

Fast Facts

Asthma impacts most Australians, most people know someone with Asthma
Asthma is a long term disease. It can develop in adulthood and most people don’t grow out of it.
Asthma is a life-threatening disease but can be well managed with medication, knowledge and an asthma action plan.
Asthma triggers are varied and include pollen, smoke, physical activity and exercise, colds and flus and thunderstorms.
Using an asthma preventer every day is the best way to reduce asthma symptoms and flare-ups.
Each year, approximately 10,000 people are admitted to NSW Hospitals for treatment of asthma. Around one in nine adults and one in eight children has asthma in NSW.