Sep 19
It’s time to ‘Get Health’ with Nyngan Health Service
Staff at Nyngan Health Service are encouraging everyone to jump on board and ‘Get Healthy’, through the Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service. 

Nyngan Health Service Manager, Jenny Griffiths said, “It’s a free and confidential phone based service that helps people reach their health goals through small manageable steps”.

These might be as simple as getting active more often, or healthy eating. The service offers a minimum of 10 free calls with a friendly university qualified personal health coach over six months to help people achieve their goals. 

“If you are visiting your local health worker or doctor you can ask them to refer you. Simply getting some support might be all you need, and the first step toward achieving success!  Any change can be difficult to make and maintain”.

Health Promotion Officer Matilda Low said, “By joining the Get Healthy Service you are more likely to succeed in reaching and maintaining your goals and creating new healthy habits that you can sustain over a life time”.   

“Good health is key to enjoying a full and active life that we all deserve. The ‘Get Healthy’ service is able to help you do that”.

“Small changes can make a big difference to your health. Taking simple steps like drinking more water, and finding enjoyment in eating more fruit and vegetables can help you reduce the likelihood of developing serious health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. It can help slow down the progress of existing ailments”, Jenny said.  

Don’t miss your opportunity to take the first step toward a healthier lifestyle. 

Drop into Nyngan Health Service and ask for Bernadette Holmes or Stacey Casey who can refer you to the Get Healthy Service. Alternatively simply call the Get Healthy Service on 1300 806 258. 

For more information visit the website the Get Healthy website​