Oct 10
Canowindra let’s get active

The Canowindra Health Council and Canowindra Health Service are calling on the Canowindra community to get up and get active. 

Acting Health Service Manager Tara Bushell said, “An active community is a strong community.”

The Canowindra Health Council and Canowindra Health Service, who have co-produced a new brochure, ‘Upright and active in Canowindra.

The brochure provides information about some of the physical programs available in Canowindra to keep residents physically active. The programs are all well established and cater to a range of age groups and physical abilities, from Tai Chi to Boot Camp.

“It’s hoped by making the community aware of what activities are happening and where through the brochure, it will see people improve their fitness and strength and reduce the risks of falls.”

Each year in NSW, about 27,000 hospitalisations are attributed to falls. More than one in three people aged 65 or over fall at least once a year and many fall more often.

“Research has shown that regular strength and balance exercises have been proven to reduce the risk of falls, and can also help manage chronic lifestyle diseases including diabetes and high blood pressure”. Tara said. 

You can get a copy of the brochure at the Canowindra Soldiers Memorial Hospital and Canowindra Community Health Centre.

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