Oct 15
Oberon Health Service facility improvements to start soon
The Oberon Health Service is getting a floor lift. To ensure the facility remains clean and neat for staff, patients and visitors, the floor vinyl is being replaced. Work will start on Monday 22 October and is expected to be completed by mid-December 2018.

Oberon Health Service Manager, Christine Symington said, “We will be bringing in expert asbestos removalists to manage the safe removal of the existing vinyl.”. 

“This team will carry out the work and, supported by an independent specialist to monitor the air quality.

“Staff and management at the Health Service will be working with both teams to ensure everything is being done to keep the staff, patients and visitors safe”

A number of safety measures will be in place including, 
  • The asbestos removal area is segregated from the remainder of the hospital through the use of temporary walls and plastic sheeting. 
  • The area will be under constant negative air pressure, through the use of a negative air pressure exhaust fans.
  • There will be constant air monitoring around the work site. 

“The works will see the Community Health Team, temporarily relocated to other areas in the Multipurpose Service Building. The entry to Community Health Centre will be temporarily closed, but access to other parts of the health service will not be affected”. Christine said. 

Clear signage will be in place to help patients and visitors of the changes. 

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the Oberon Health Service Manager, Christine Symington on 6336 7200.