Sep 14
Xstrata coal helps Mudgee Health Service improve patient care

Mudgee Area Health Service has received a much-needed donation from Xstrata Coal of $60,000 to purchase six new observation monitors for the High Dependency (HDU) and Recovery Units for Mudgee Hospital.

Gwenda Ingram, Acting Health Service Manager, said, “We have developed a partnership with Xstrata Coal, and once again we are extremely appreciative of their involvement in helping us ensure we have the most up to date equipment at our hospital.

“The generous grant from Xstrata enabled us to purchase three monitors for Recovery and three monitors for HDU, and is further to contributions in previous years that allowed the health service to purchase monitors for the Emergency Department.”

The Phillips IntelliVue monitors are all linked to a central monitor at the nurse desk, enabling round the clock patient observation. They simultaneously measure cardiac function, respiratory rate, oxygen saturations and blood pressure as well as perform ECG's (electrocardiographs).

Patients recovering from anaesthetics, and patients admitted with acute cardiac conditions and related problems, can now be cardiac-monitored continuously.

“The benefit of having this type of medical equipment is that patients, where possible, can now be efficiently treated within Mudgee,” Gwenda said, “…and do not have to be transferred to base hospitals unless absolutely necessary.

“With the help of Xstrata Coal we will continue to meet the demand for medical services in our community.”