Sep 21
Heels and health collide at the Orange general hospital

The Orange Health Service will unleash four of its most revered community figures to a world of glitter, glam and shameless panache today, in support of a local fundraising ball for the Anson Street School.

Acting General Manager Scott Maunder, Director of Critical Care Dr John Lambert, Physiotherapist Peter Young, and Resident Medical Officer Dr Andrew Gray will let their feminine sides flourish as fundraising ambassadors for the Harvey Norman Bravest Boys Reverse Debutante Ball.

The Ball will be held at the Orange Ex-Services Club on Saturday 29th October and will be formally launched by Anson Street School Principal, Garry Brotherton, at the Orange Health Service today.

“In the company of four very brave fundraising ambassadors from the Orange Health Service, key sponsors and members of the community, I am pleased to officially launch the Harvey Norman Bravest Boys Reverse Debutante Ball today,” said Mr Brotherton.

“This event is a chance for men of all shapes, sizes, ages and status to make their debut in society, just like their female counterparts do as 16-year-olds. It’s all for a great cause and we’re hugely appreciative of everyone who has signed up.”

Around 50 male debutantes from across the Orange community will be tasked with coordinating sponsorship and fundraising initiatives, to help raise money for a new bus for the Anson Street School.

“We’ve been using the same bus everyday for the past 20-years, so we’re well and truly due for a new one. The new bus will be fitted with a wheelchair lift, costing close to $80,000, and we currently still need around $50,000 for the purchase,” said Mr Brotherton.

The bus will be used for daily school activities, which include transporting students to Riding for the Disabled, shopping skills trips, TAFE courses, excursions and a range of other activities during school hours.

“It is vital for our students to mix with the community and develop the living skills they need to maintain independence. This bus will be a link to learning and I encourage everyone to show their support for our students and Orange’s Bravest Boys, by making a donation,” said Mr Brotherton.

To kick off fundraising efforts, ambassadors from the Orange Health Service will scale the hospital corridors in a fashion parade today, previewing their dashing debutante outfits for their colleagues and the community.

“We are really looking forward to seeing Scott, John, Peter and Andrew desert their suits and scrubs for more flamboyant attire, which highlights their hidden assets,” said Mr Brotherton.

So what can the community hope to see of these so-called assets? Even to the untrained eye, Scott has the complexion of a youthful boy-band crooner and John’s legs ‘go forever’; a fantastic blank canvas for willing stylists.

“It’s no secret that I’m nipping at the heels of McDreamy on a daily basis,” said Mr Maunder.

“With a touch of rouge and a sequinned frock, I’m confident I can rival female fashion icons too. Maunder is the new Miranda [Kerr].”

Immodesty is a common trend among these healthcare professionals. All four of them are supremely confident they’ll make on-lookers ‘ooooo and arrrrr’, which is a sight no one should miss.

“Wearing stockings and a garter comes naturally to me, I’m blessed with great pins, but I will require help learning how to walk in heels,” said Dr Lambert.

“I’ve been trying to break in my new pair of black suede heels around the house, but I’m terrified I’ll break an ankle wearing them in public – especially on the dance floor! Women of Orange, I welcome your assistance and advice.”

Despite some anxieties, not all these floundering fashion-misters are strangers to donning drag. Just ask Peter Young.

“I’ll be reinventing myself as the fabulous former First Lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos, a cameo I played in the Orange Theatre Company’s production of The Wedding Singer in 2009,” said Mr Young.

“Imelda is back by popular demand for the Reverse Debutante Ball and today’s special preview ONLY. Not to be missed!”

Dr Andrew Gray is similarly in touch with his feminine side.

“I have no qualms wearing a dress. I know my girlish figure will be the envy of all the women in the room, I’m a perfect size 8-10, so bring it on,” said Dr Gray.

With claws (possibly) out and smiles all round, these debutantes will be vying for several titles on the night, which include ‘Best Dressed’ and ‘Most Successful Fundraiser’. There’s a lot of pride on the line, so Orange residents are encouraged to offer their support!

If all this is a little too hard to fathom, fear not. Bills Beans is coming to the rescue with its famous local brew and donating a year’s supply of coffee (one a day) to the lucky winner of a fundraising raffle being run by the Orange Health Service. The raffle will be launched today and tickets will be available to buy from Bills Beans and the Orange Health Service fundraising ambassadors until Friday 28th September.