Nov 27
Partnerships paying off for Bathurst patients

Staff and the leadership team at Bathurst Hospital are passionate about achieving the best outcomes and experience for patients by health service teams working in partnership, and the results speak for themselves. 

Primary, Community and Allied Health Manager, Andrew Muldoon said, “We have great examples of patient stories where we have achieved fantastic results through our Joint Models of Care.”

The “Joint Partners” Program was developed through the statewide Leading Better Value Care initiative. It is a program that helps people who are waiting for hip or knee replacement surgery to manage their arthritis, improve their overall health and improve their readiness for surgery. 
“Kevin Toohill was enrolled in the Joint Partners Program when pain and limited knee function put him on a waiting list for a knee replacement. The team was able to work with Mr Toohill to introduce behaviour changes and strategies such as exercise and home modifications.”

“Through engaging with the Program, Mr Toohill has made a number of positive health changes, and is now ready for his surgery.  He said he was appreciative of the program and how it helped him”.

“One of our other patients Clifford Beale, also needed a knee operation. Through the Joint Partners Program, Mr Beale was linked into an integrated care service for the Aboriginal community.  As a result, he has lost a significant amount of weight, reduced his blood pressure and increased his exercise to 15 – 20 minutes a day”. 

“Mr Beale is now going to have his second knee operated on, and is more engaged with his health”.

Bathurst Hospital General Manager, Cathy Marshall said, “You can’t help but smile when you see patients go through journeys like these men. You can see by looking at them, their healthier, moving better and happier.”

“We are delighted to be able to provide such great programs for the people of Bathurst, and the wider region that is really making a difference in their lives.

“Proving quality and effective health care is important to our team at Bathurst Hospital and we plan on continuing to improve our services for our patients” Cathy said. 

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