Dec 03
A toothrrific service
For the past 40 years Robyn Browne has been looking after the oral health of children in Cowra, as the Dental Therapist, based at the Cowra Child Dental Clinic. 

The clinic is permanently located at Cowra Public School. 

Robyn loves her work, and having been at the Cowra Child Dental Clinic for so many years, Robyn has seen generations of mouths sitting in her chair. 

“I am now treating the children and grandchildren of some of my first patients”.

“I first started treating Jaylee Dunn when she was 18 months old. Jaylee has just finished her HSC and had her final visit to the clinic. It’s wonderful to be able to watch the children grow over the time. 

“Treating children is an amazing job, I feel very grateful to have been able to work in the Cowra community for so many years, and many more to come”. Robyn said. 

Robyn also travels across the region including to Grenfell, for one day, once a fortnight, to provide dental care at the Grenfell Community Health Centre. 

Robyn also heads to Condobolin once a month to provide services to children who would otherwise be an hour drive from their nearest public dental clinic. 

Western NSW Local Health District (WNSWLHD) Director Oral Health Service, Jenni Floyd, said, “Cowra Child Dental Clinic provides free care to all children until they turn 18. While the service does bill Medicare for some services if parents’ consent, all other care is provided free of charge”.

“We encourage parents or carers to be present with their children, so Robyn can talk both the adults and children about how to improve dental habits at home and how to prevent new dental problems from arising. 

“We are extremely proud of Robyn and the work she does across the region. She is a shining example as a dental therapist, who provides high quality dental care to children. 

Appointments with Robyn at the Cowra Child Dental Clinic can be requested by ringing 1300 552 626.  

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