Dec 07
1st WNSWLHD Lung Cancer Symposium
​For the first time the Western NSW Local Health District (WNSWLHD) will host a Peer Review and Lung Cancer symposium in Dubbo. 

Lung Cancer is a leading cause of cancer deaths in Australia with poor five year survival rates of 12 – 14%. 

WNSWLHD Respiratory Physician in Dubbo and meeting convenor Dr Sugamya Mallawathantri said, “The aim of the lung cancer Peer Review is to assess the quality of service we provide to lung cancer patients in the WNSWLHD and focuses on making quality improvement recommendations”

“This process will also identify any areas of good practice, significant achievements and any risks”. 

“Historically a Peer Review into lung cancer has not taken place in NSW or possibly Australia. WNSWLHD is proud to be the first site to set an example in introducing a formal review of lung cancer services and we plan to continue to hold a Peer Review annually from now onwards”.

This is an initiative of the Western NSW Lung Cancer Working Group, with the first Peer Review will take place on Friday 7 December at Dubbo Health Service.  

The Peer Review Panel is made up of Australian and International medical professionals. 

On Saturday 8 December, the WNSWLHD will also host the first Western NSW Lung Cancer Symposium. 

Physicians, nurses, clinicians, allied health professionals, patients and advocates who are interested in the lung cancer field will be attending the event. 

“The program is exciting and wide ranging covering multidisciplinary approaches that address the needs of all health professionals involved in lung cancer. 

“We are extremely fortunate to have the rare opportunity for world renowned speakers addressing us in Dubbo”. Dr Mallawathantri said.