Sep 27
Cowra health service joins electronic medical record era

Cowra Health Service is upgrading and ‘going live’ with an exciting Electronic Medical Records (eMR) system on Tuesday, 4 October 2011.

The computerised eMR system will enable significant improvements in patient records, said Western NSW Local Health District eMR Project Manager, Suzi Dries.

Benefits of the system include less paperwork, easier access to results, the added bonus of legibility and a discharge system which is generated as the patient moves through their hospital journey.

“This includes electronic ordering and results from pathology and radiology, recording the patient’s experience in the Emergency Department and Operating Suite and an electronic discharge summary,” said Ms Dries.

She said it is not only patients and clinicians who will benefit.

“The traditional system of paper medical records not only takes up a huge amount of physical space in the hospital – but it also means that when a patient presents, a staff member has to leave the ward to go and find the records and bring them back. The eMR will allow typing in the patient’s details so their records can be bought up with the click of a button.”

The first big phase of conversion to the eMR system at Cowra Health Service will allow authorised personnel easy access to patient information via a computer which may be fixed at a workstation or placed at the bedside using a mobile computer on wheels.

“The Local Health District has invested in the purchase of new equipment to assist clinicians in easy access of the system. Staff are being assisted to adjust to the changes which will result in support and efficiency for clinicians once they get used to the system,” said Ms Dries.

Staff have already received training in preparation for the conversion from all paper medical records to first phase of electronic records.

Cowra Health Service successfully commenced electronic notes within the Operating Theatre earlier this year.