Mar 27
Eugowra Update on Walk In Health Centre
​The Walk In Health Centre has been active for 2 years. 

Eugowra Memorial Multi Purpose Service, Manager Janice Rumph, said, “Residents have been finding the service useful and convenient. The centre replaced the emergency department and provides a different type of service to the community”.

The centre, is located within the Eugowra Multi Purpose Service, and provides treatment for minor illnesses and injuries. 

“A nurse assesses and provides treatment in consultation with a doctor on the telephone or by video conference if required”.

The type of presentations that can be seen are: ear ache, vomiting and diarrhoea, insect bites, limb injuries, wounds, rashes, urinary symptoms, minor burns.

You will normally be assessed by a nurse who may place a call to a doctor or refer you to an emergency department staffed by doctors.

“The Walk In Health Centre has been well used by the public and has received many compliments regarding the care received”. Janice said.  

More serious symptoms such as chest pain or conditions requiring urgent medical treatment please call emergency 000 and request an ambulance.