Apr 09
Clinicians from WNSWLHD graduate as Clinical Excellence Commission health leaders
Western NSW Local Health District’s (WNSWLHD), Whole of Health Project Officer, Donna Smith and Manager Primary and Community Health, Mudgee and Gulgong Health Service, Kate Egan are among a group of more than 35 senior clinicians who will graduate the Clinical Excellence Commission’s Executive Clinical Leadership.

As part of the program, each graduate identifies an area where they feel healthcare improvements could be achieved and presents a clinical improvement project as part of their final work. 

Donna’s project was focused on Improving the Accuracy of EDDs (Expected Date of Discharge). Donna’s aim for her project was by June 2019m 80% of patients will be discharged from the medical ward on their identified EDD. 

Although the project is still underway, Donna has seen an increase in the number of patients being discharged within 24 hours of their EDD. 

Kate’s project, Enhancing Nutrition Care on a Medical Ward. Kate’s project aim was by December 2018, 50% of inpatients with a diagnosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) at Mudgee Hospital will have access to dietetic consultation. 

Kate met her aim, with 50% of inpatients with a COPD having access to a dietic consultation. 

Clinical Excellence Commission CE Ms Carrie Marr said so far, more than 3000 NSW clinicians had graduated the organisation’s clinical leadership programs.

“Health workers enrol into these courses with the support of their local executive and a desire to achieve improvements in how they, and their colleagues, care for patients,” Ms Marr said. 

“It’s wonderful to have such excellent health staff from 

WNSWLHD in this program because these graduates are the clinical leaders who will guide the health system over the next decade.

“I’ve been excited to see this most recent group explore avenues to improve patient safety and clinical practice,” Ms Marr said.

Through the year long program, participants gain enhanced:
understanding of the workings of NSW Health
knowledge of contemporary approaches to patient safety and clinical quality systems
skills in relation to communication, conflict resolution and team leadership 
ability to influence the direction of health policy, and
personal and professional clinical leadership skills.

The Executive and Foundational Clinical Leadership Programs are part of the Clinical Excellence Commission’s Quality Improvement Academy, which designs and delivers a range of education programs for staff working in patient safety, improvement and clinical governance. 

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