May 14
Condobolin Health Service X-Ray renovation works

​From Friday May 17, The Condobolin Health Service Radiology department is getting a facelift, with renovations underway.

Condobolin Health Service Manager, Rebecca Colley said, “The new x-ray equipment will be start of the art, latest in technology ceiling suspended fully digital x-ray system".

​“The new equipment will enable us to perform more high quality imaging with a more versatile machine to image trauma patients from the ED.

“Part of the renovation work will also include replacing the floor which contains asbestos".

“We will be bringing in expert asbestos removalists to manage the safe removal of the existing flooring".

“This team will carry out the work and, supported by an independent specialist to monitor the air quality.

“Staff and management at the Health Service will be working with both teams to ensure everything is being done to keep the staff, patients and visitors safe"

A number of safety measures will be in place including,

  • The asbestos removal area is segregated from the remainder of the hospital through the use of temporary walls and plastic sheeting.
  • The area will be under constant negative air pressure, through the use of a negative air pressure exhaust fans.
  • There will be constant air monitoring around the work site.

“The works will see urgent x-rays performed from the ED, with the mobile machine. Ultra sound services will continue as normal but will be relocated into another part of the facility.

Our routine x-ray service will be suspended until the work is complete.

Outpatients will be encouraged to travel to Parkes or Forbes Hospitals. Parkes hospital phone number 68612400. Forbes hospital phone 68507100.

Access to the main entry to the hospital will not be affected, the corridor leading from the Hospital reception to the ward areas will be temporarily closed to visitors. You can access the ward areas through a door near the Emergency Department.

Clear signage will be put in place to tell patients and visitors what has changed and alert people to the temporary arrangements.

The renovations are expected to be completed by Monday 17 June.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the Health Service Manager at Condobolin Health Service, Rebecca Colley (02) 6890 1500.