Oct 06
Stress less day (12 october 2011) mental health month 2011

Go for a Walk with a Friend – October is Mental Health Month for 2011. Mental Health Month is an opportunity to raise awareness of the many ways that mental health has an impact on our lives.

Stress Less Day on Wednesday, 12 October aims to promote awareness of ideas to decrease stress and have a positive effect on the way we live life, day to day. This year the focus is on ‘10 Tips to Stress Less’. These tips suggest making small changes to daily activities, such as ‘Breathe’ or ‘Go to Bed Earlier’, to including new activities, such as ‘Get Involved in a Cause You Believe In’, and some tips on how we approach aspects of our day, such as ‘Look for Opportunities in Life’s Challenges’ or ‘Give Someone a Compliment’.

Small amounts of stress are ok for us – stress can help us into action, or motivate us to get something done. It’s the overwhelming stress that is bad for our health. Having a go at one of these tips may help to you to feel better about things. Choose one and try it today!

Visit www.mentalhealth.asn.au for more information and to download your copy of the postcard. Anyone with concerns about their mental health or that of a loved one should talk to their GP or call the Mental Health Line on free call 1800 011 511.