May 27
“Yilimadha” Aboriginal Cultural Room Opening
​The Western NSW Local Health District is extremely proud to be opening the ‘Yilimadha’ Aboriginal Cultural room at the Orange Health Service. 

This is part of the Lighthouse Project that has been running at the Orange Health Service. 

The aim of the Lighthouse Project is to help close the gap in cardiovascular disease between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians through the provision of evidence-based, culturally safe care for acute coronary syndrome. With cardiovascular disease being the  leading cause of death among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and  a major contributor to the gap in life expectancy between Indigenous and other Australians.

Orange Health Service Lighthouse Project Officer, Mandy Debenham, said “The opening of “Yilimadha” which is our place in Wiradjuri. Is an Aboriginal Cultural room for all Aboriginal patients, family and community to meet, have some time out, and hold family meetings”.

“Yilimadha became possible through the work of the Lighthouse project. 

“When we started looking at how we could make our service more accessible to Aboriginal people, we found there was nowhere for families to meet, except in the corridor. When sorry business is happening there was nowhere private where communities can discuss issues and grieve”. Mandy said. 

Through extensive community and staff consultations we developed an appropriate name, furnishings and colour scheme. 

“The opening of the room is the start of a new journey at the hospital. It is also the end of the Lighthouse project at the Orange Health Service. The success of the project was made possible by the huge support we received from everyone across the WNSWLHD.

“I am very proud of the work has been achieved through the project and the many improvements made around patient care and improving the environment of the hospital. We have also implemented new care pathways for Aboriginal patients and cultural competence of all staff at Orange Health service”. Mandy said.