Jun 14
Orange plays important role in ENZAMET trial for prostate cancer
​The Central West Cancer Care Centre at Orange Health Service has played an important role in the ENZAMET Trial for patients with advanced prostate cancer.

WNSWLHD Director of Clinical Trials Unit, Dr Rob Zielinski said, “Orange and the surrounding areas have contributed a significant number of patients to this practice changing trial”.

The results from the ENZAMET Trial was recently present at the American Society of Clinical Oncology, as one of the four plenary sessions. 

“These are given to highlight research that is deemed practice changing. More than 6000 abstracts are submitted, competing for this privilege”. Dr Zielinski said. 

“This trial and it is practice changing results demonstrate two important points. One, that the patients of regional Australia are keen to sign up to clinical trials if given the opportunity and secondly, practice changing research can be performed right here in the regional hub of Orange. The trial also highlights the fantastic work our staff in the Clinical Trials Unit in Orange – this is a real credit to them as a team”.

The take home message from the trial is that with the addition of enzalutamide with standard treatment there is a 33% less chance of dying from prostate cancer. 

This Australian-led global clinical trial has shown that hormone therapy with a drug called enzalutamide can improve the survival of some men with advanced, hormone-sensitive prostate cancer.  

The five-year survival from prostate cancer in Australia is high (95%) but this mainly represents men with earlier stages of the disease. Metastatic prostate cancer is still the second-leading cause of cancer death in Australia for men after lung cancer. 

“It’s important that we undertake and fund research into new treatments, and find ways of using established treatments better”. 

“This is why it’s so important that we have a clinical trials unit in Orange. Clinical trials allow us to determine which treatments, alone or in combination, will provide the greatest survival benefits to the patients with the least adverse outcomes”. 

The Orange Clinical Trials Unit is provides fundamental access to rural patients for cancer treatment innovations such as enzalutamide and puts Orange Health Service on the map for leading this research. This is another proud moment in the Unit’s short history. “We are motivated by bringing novel treatments to the patients of our community through cancer clinical research. This trial is another example of the importance of embedding regional and rural centres (and their patients) into clinical research.”