Oct 11
Through the eyes of carers - NSW carers week, october 16-22, 2011

 ‘I think many carers feel alienated and of little worth to the healing process that service providers aim for…When the health team and carers have respect for each other both the carers and the person they care for feel included and as a result experience a growth of wellbeing.’ Karrie, carer.

The DVD ‘intangible’ is the culmination of a group of dedicated carers and the collaborative partnership of services from the far west of NSW. Narrated by carers, the stories allow the audience an opportunity to gain an insight into the lived experience of daily life where a family member has a mental illness. The stories are accompanied by striking images of the local landscape and fit well with the feelings, dreams and aspirations of the carers themselves.

Barb, one of the carers in the DVD states, ‘Initially I was very apprehensive and unsure of whether I had the skills to even be a part of the project. With the support and encouragement of the project team and the other carers I realised that my story was as valid as everybody else’s’.

The stories of Barb, Freda, Isobel, Karrie, Margot, Pat and Rachel may be different, yet familiar to the thousands of carers who also experience daily family life with someone they love living with mental illness. Their hopes, experiences, challenges and triumphs may inspire you to continue living as you are, or challenge you to do something a little differently.

Russell Roberts, Director, Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Service states, ‘the ‘intangible’ DVD will be a great asset to our local service, as it will assist us to raise awareness both amongst our staff and community of the important role that carers contribute to the lives of our consumers’.

Margot, another carer with the project remarked, ‘the [DVD] … has had an impact that has surprised and encouraged me. I want this to be a success and reach out to as many people as possible. The project has the potential to grow beyond what we imagined and we are proud to share our journey.’

‘intangible’ will be screening in Carers Week:

Monday October 17th, at 11.00am at the Orange Botanic Gardens, Yellow Box Way, Orange

Friday October 21st at 11.00am at the Cathedral Parish Centre, Keppel St, Bathurst.

To register to attend either launch please call Centacare on 6393 1900. Centacare and Western NSW Local Health District work in partnership to offer the Family & Carer Mental

Health Program. For more information please contact Centacare on 6393 1900 or the Mental Health Family & Carer Coordinator on 6360 7850. 

Anyone with concerns about their mental health or that of a loved one should talk to their GP or call the Mental Health Line on free call 1800 011 511.