Sep 23
Dialysis service returns to Bourke MPS

Bourke Multi Purpose Service (MPS) is once again offering renal dialysis for patients.

Bourke MPS Health Service Manager, Pat Canty said, “This is fantastic for our community. We re-started the service on August 7 this year after a four year gap".

“This has meant that so far two patients have been able to come home to Bourke to have their treatment".

The service is running three days a week, Monday Wednesday and Friday, in the dedicated 2 renal rooms within the MPS.

The Western NSW Local Health District (WNSWLHD) and Bourke MPS have worked hard to fill recruitment requirements to be able to restart the services.

“It is great news for not only our community but also our staff. We now have two Registered Nurses (RN's) who can provide the service.

“Another RN will complete her training next month and an Aboriginal Health Practitioner will be going to Dubbo for upskilling and a refresher course this month as well.

“Over the next six months more RN's will go to Dubbo for training, ensuring our patients will always be able to use the service". Pat said.

The training takes three weeks at the Renal Centre at Dubbo Health Service. ​

“Prior to renal service returning to the MPS patients had to leave their families and relocate to Dubbo. This had an impact on both of the patients and their families.

“For our two current patients is great that they're back in Bourke. They are Elders in the community and the matriarchs of large families and extended families.

“The patients have said they very happy to be back in Bourke, reconnect with family and country". Pat said.