Sep 24
Outstanding results for Bathurst Health Service
​Bathurst Health Service has received outstanding results during the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards accreditation. 

Bathurst Health Service General Manager, Cathy Marshall said, “This is a tribute to all the fabulous and hardworking staff and volunteers we have here at the Bathurst Health Service”. 

“We successfully meet all requirements of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. This is even more impressive after an extremely busy period during the winter months. 

“I am extremely proud of all of our staff and volunteers. Their dedication, hard work and focus on high quality and safe patient care is second to none.

“The feedback we received is even better. The surveyors noted how enthusiastic the staff were and it was evident that all staff were proud to work at Bathurst”. Cathy said. 

The NSQHS Standards provide a nationally consistent statement of the level of care consumers can expect from health service organisations. 

The primary aims of the NSQHS Standards are to protect the public from harm and to improve the quality of health provisions. 

“At the Bathurst Health Service we are committed to providing the best care to our patients. The NSQHS surveyors were impressed by the work we are doing at the hospital day in day out. 

“They commented on the multidisciplinary approach to patient care, the positivity of staff members, the presentation of the hospital and the use of home care, where we do everything to keep our patients at home and comfortable rather than having to be in the hospital”. Cathy said. 

Thank you to all the staff including our volunteers at Bathurst for their dedication and enthusiasm in trying to find ways every day to improve the patient experience.