Sep 25
Local health project selected to present at statewide showcase

The Western NSW Local Health District’s Nursing Education Team have been selected to present at the NSW Health Nursing and Midwifery Showcase in Sydney at the end of this month. 

The Cultural Package project recognises the important role played by overseas trained professionals in rural health, and helps support them when they start work with local health services. 

Executive Director of Quality, Clinical Safety and Nursing, Adrian Fahy said, “It is a credit to our Nursing Education team to be presenting at the Showcase. The Showcase highlights the projects and research that nurses and midwives are leading across NSW Health”. 

The Cultural Package project was formed after the Nursing Educator Team were consulted on issues regarding communication, team work and cultural awareness for new employees, especially those who were trained overseas. 

After consultation and research the, Cultural Package was developed, to help new employees transition successfully into their work and community environment. 

The Cultural Package is made up of five documents; The Cultural Handbook, Aussie Slang Guide, Phonetic Guide Medical and Nursing Teams, Nursing and Medical Terminology and the Didja Know Cultural Information and Communication Guide, from the WNSWLHD Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Directorate. 

WNSWLHD Virtual Outreach Clinical Nurse Educator, Kathryn Ainsworth said, “The aim of the Cultural Package was to develop a resource to support overseas trained employees joining the WNSWLHD”.

“The Cultural Package has been distributed to 60 overseas trained employees. The feedback has indicated that in particular it has helped them gain a better understanding of Aboriginal culture and the importance of Aboriginal health issues. 

“It has also resulted in improved communication and team work within the facilities as it gives the new employees a better understanding of their requirements within the workplace culture”. Kathryn said.  

“The Cultural Package gives new overseas trained staff a better understanding of our organisation, its CORE Values, beliefs and mission”. Adrian said. 

“The Cultural Package is now given to every overseas trained new employee in the WNSWLHD”.  

“The Cultural Package has valuable information to improve the spread of a positive workplace culture, leading to improved patient outcomes. Improve the awareness of our Aboriginal culture, our language and our communities, and to close the gap of cultural and communication barriers. 

“It is a credit to the team to have developed this package, but to also be sharing it with health professionals across the state at the Showcase”. Adrian concluded.