Nov 19
Midwives and mums to form special bonds

Orange Health Service is excited to reveal plans to introduce a new program set to greatly benefit expecting mothers, Orange Midwifery Group Practice – ‘know your midwife’.

The Midwifery led continuity of care model is an initiative which involves one midwife providing the majority of care for a pregnant mother, as opposed to having several midwives seeing her during the pregnancy.

Midwives will continue to have a collaborative relationship with the medical obstetric/paediatric team to ensure an optimum level of care is provided for the woman and her family.

“This care model allows for expecting women to develop a personal relationship with their midwife. Their midwife will see them throughout their pregnancy, be there for the labour and birth, whether that be a natural birth or develops to a caesarean delivery, and also care for both mother and baby two weeks after the birth.

“These types of models have been shown to promote “normal birth”, reduce intervention rates in labour and birth, and increase breastfeeding rates.” Project Officer Danielle Syme said.

The Health Service will call for Expressions of Interest from Midwives in coming weeks, to begin recruiting qualified midwives to the program. It’s hoped the opportunity to work under this program will help to attract qualified midwives to the area.

“It’s a very satisfying way for midwives to work. Each midwife within the program will each see around 40 women per year and they will work on call and be available for the woman when they are giving birth” said Ms Syme.

Midwife Fran Bull said she is very excited by the opportunity ahead.

“This care model provides great satisfaction and flexibility for a midwife. It is an opportunity for us to work closely with mothers and be by their side every step of the way.” Fran said

“Orange will still continue to provide maternity care as it always has with the continuity of care model complementing the existing services, providing women and their families another choice.” Ms Syme said.

Mum-to-be, Libby Morgan is expecting her 3rd child in the coming weeks and says she can see many benefits from the program.
“While it hasn’t been available to me this time around, I can certainly appreciate how great it will be for women in the future. It would be really nice to develop a strong relationship and I think friendship with your midwife.” Libby said.

The Know Your Midwife program will be available to women from March 2012. The Women’s and infant’s Unit has around 900 births a year and supports the birthing services of the surrounding towns of Cowra, Bathurst, Parkes and Forbes. We have just moved into a fantastic new health facility that has state of the art equipment. Boasting a 4 bed birthing unit, 18 bed postnatal unit, 4 bed special care nursery and thriving 5 day a week midwives clinic.

Midwives interested in working in this model of care should contact Acting Maternity Unit Manager - Jenny Soar on 63692222.