May 14
The re-birth of Lachlan Maternity Service

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, work on establishing the new Lachlan Maternity Service has been progressing on track.

Lachlan Health Services Manager, Liz Mitchell said, “We have been working very hard to keep the Lachlan Maternity Service project moving forward during this difficult time."

“The great news is that we hope to have the new Midwifery Led Group Practice  Model up and running by the end of August at both Parkes and Forbes Hospitals".

“We are about to start filling several jobs in the midwifery led group practice, including the role of team leader.

“This is very exciting and we hope to receive a lot of interest from midwives locally and outside of the area for these positions".

“Over the next month or two we plan on holding a number of virtual communication sessions with women across the region, so we can answer any questions they might have". Liz said.

In the Midwifery Led Group Practice (MGP) model being developed for the Lachlan Health Service, midwives and doctors work with women to determine whether a birth under the care of a midwife is likely to be a clinically safe option, and one which is preferred by the parents. In those circumstances, parents will be able to choose to birth at either Parkes or Forbes.

When birth led by a midwife is unable to be offered the birth will occur at Forbes​, where obstetric and anaesthetic services are available around the clock. As is the case for all maternity services, more complex births may be planned to occur at hospitals such as Orange, Dubbo or Nepean.

​Anyone with questions about how to access maternity services in Parkes or Forbes is encouraged to contact their local health services:

  • Parkes hospital  (02) 6861 2400
  • Forbes hospital (02) 6850 7100.