Jan 18
Relocation of mental health, drug and alcohol facility

Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Services, Western NSW Local Health District, Dubbo and Region are relocating services to a new facility in 41 Bultje Street, Dubbo.

Carers, consumers and general community members need to be aware of the changes in location and the contact numbers for the Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol facility. The following services will be provided from this new facility:

  • Regional Management and Administration
  • Community Mental Health Service
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
  • Specialist Older Persons Mental Health Service
  • Community Support Team
  • Assessment and Response Team
  • Community Drug and Alcohol Service
  • Magistrates Early Referral Into Treatment (MERIT)
  • Health Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention Unit

The co-location of services is being made to improve access to the community. The new location is closer to the central business centre, has better access to public transport and will lead to cohesive services being available for the community.

“We are very excited by our move to the new facility.  Due the growth in mental health and drug & alcohol services over the last 5 years our Hawthorn Street facility was becoming very cramped, and a number of parts of the service had to be placed in various sites across Dubbo.  The new premises allow staff to be located together, close to other community services and the other facilities in the Dubbo CBD” Said Raphael Chapman Acting Regional Manager for Dubbo MHDA.

New Address: 41 Bultje Street, Dubbo (Old St John’s Primary School Site)

New Reception Phone number: 68814000

When: The above services will be relocated to Bultje Street by 23rd January 2012.  All services will be at full capacity by the 30th January 2012. Limited services will be offered between 23rd - 29th January 2012. During this transition period community members are encouraged to utilise the following help lines. For community members who are seeking help for a mental health issue please call Mental Health Information & Support line 1800 011 511 to access appropriate services. For those who are seeking assistance with Drug and Alcohol issues please utilise the Drug and Alcohol Helpline 1300 887 000 to access appropriate services.

In case of an emergency please phone 000, or attend the emergency department of Dubbo Base Hospital.

Please note the following services will not be relocating:

Mental Health Inpatient Unit and Acacia Cottage will remain at Dubbo Base Hospital.