Aug 19
WNSWLHD join #EndPJParalysis Challenge

Staff across the Western NSW Local Health District (WNSWLHD) are encouraging patients coming to the hospital to bring spare clothes, as part of the #EndPJParalysis 90 Day Challenge. 

WNSWLHD project lead, Rachael Hallam said, “The international campaign focuses on the mental and physical benefits of patients wearing day clothes and keeping active during their stay in hospital”. 

“Wearing normal day clothes instead of pyjamas helps makes patients feel more confident and independent”. 

“It also makes it easier to keep active which reduces the risk of muscle weakness, falls and pressure sores. This is especially important for the elderly – for people over 80, one week in a hospital bed can lead to a loss of 1.5kg muscle and 10% loss of general fitness.” Rachael said. 

Seven of the WNSWLHD hospitals, Bathurst, Dubbo and Orange, Mudgee, Parkes, Forbes and Cowra will begin the challenge on Tuesday 1 September. 

Staff are participating in the challenge to get as many patients up, dressed and moving each morning as possible. 

“Patients can support the campaign and improve their health by bringing comfy day clothes to hospital or asking family, friends or carers to bring suitable clothes” Rachael said. 

The #EndPJParalysis initiative was created by Professor Brian Dolan (UK), to encourage patients to get up, dressed and moving to reduce the risk of deconditioning while in hospital. 

It has now been implemented in hospitals across the world and in Australia.