Sep 16
It’s up to all of us to keep COVID-19 safe

​The Western NSW Local Health District (WNSWLHD) has urged organisers of community events to be aware of their COVID-19 responsibilities and to have comprehensive COVID-19 plans in place.

Director of Public Health, Priscilla Stanley said, “We have been so fortunate in our region to have not had a lot of confirmed COVID cases. Despite several months where we had no active cases, the threat of a confirmed case is ever present. There may be people in our communities or visiting our communities that have returned from areas where confirmed cases are present.  

“We also have many vulnerable people living in our communities including older people and people with other health conditions that we need to be extra considerate of."

“We need to continue to protect our communities, and I am urging hosts of sporting, cultural and entertainment events, as well as private gatherings, to be aware of their responsibilities.

“The NSW Government has made a range of resources widely available to help businesses and event organisers understand how they need to plan and promote their events.

“Public Health Orders require COVID-19 safety plans in a number of settings. Because the pandemic is constantly changing, these orders may be updated so businesses and organisers need to stay aware of any modifications made under Public Health Orders.

“While health officials may be able to provide some advice, complying with the Public Health Orders is up to each individual, business and event organiser.

“These are important responsibilities, which are designed to encourage people go about their business in ways that are as safe as possible. Also remember, that fines may be issued if there is a breach to the Public Health Orders.

“If you are running a business or putting on an event, please be informed and put your plan in place. People across our District who might be more susceptible to COVID-19 are relying on you to keep their community free of COVID-19." Priscilla said.

For more information on COVIDSafe Business Plans, and what you can and can't do at the moment under current Public Health Orders go to: