Oct 21
New midwifery service for pregnant mums in the Wellington region

​The Western NSW LHD is excited to announce the commencement of a Community Based Midwife within Wellington Community Health.

Wellington Health Service Manager, Sally Loughnan, is delighted to introduce, Natalie McLean.

“Natalie has commenced two days a week, Tuesday and Wednesday's and brings a world of experience in pregnancy, birth and postnatal care.

“All women within Wellington and surrounding communities are able to access Natalie for their pregnancy care. This includes care throughout the pregnancy, booking into the hospital where they will birth, which is usually Dubbo, and care following the birth of their baby. Providing these services in Wellington reduces the needs for mothers, families and babies to travel."

Natalie works in partnership with the antenatal clinic at Dubbo Health Service, allowing for all women within these communities to have all or part of their care through the midwife, increasing the options available to them.

“Natalie's appointment has allowed us to reintroduce this service locally for women in Wellington and our surrounding communities, which is great news", Sally said.   

If you would like to see Natalie for free pregnancy and postnatal care in Wellington, please contact Wellington Community Health on 68455500.

Nat mclean.jpg