Feb 15
Act now – donatelife week 19-26 february 2012

 Do You Know Your Loved One’s Wishes?



Canowindra Community Health team will support DonateLife Week 2012, by hosting information stalls and distributing a brochure to local households.


Acting Community Health Manager, Elizabeth Noble explained DonateLife Week is Australia's national awareness week to promote organ and tissue donation.

"More Australians are discussing organ and tissue donation with family members and 72% believe that their family knows their donation wishes.

“At the same time, only 57% of Australians know the donation wishes of their loved ones," said Ms Noble.

All Australians are encouraged to ask and know the organ and tissue donation wishes of family members during DonateLife Week, Sunday 19 – Sunday 26 February 2012.

“It is so important to have this discussion because in Australia, the family will always be asked to confirm the donation wishes of the deceased before donation for transplantation can proceed.

“Families that have discussed and know each other's donation wishes are more likely to uphold those wishes.” Ms Noble said.

To help encourage more local residents to discuss organ and tissue donation, Community Health staff have organised information displays at the local library and health centre.

“Any day this week is a goodday to have the conversation with your family and close friends.

“It's a conversation that will help you be prepared, should you ever be asked to confirm a loved one's donation wishes. It will also help your family be prepared should they ever be asked to confirm your wishes. It's a conversation that could one day save lives,” she said.

Staff have also teamed up with the Organ and Tissue Authority to develop a brochure promoting organ donation and the planned fitness path, which will feature four organ shaped exercise sites. Local residents should find these brochures delivered to their mail boxes during the awareness week.

DonateLife Week is Australia's national awareness week to promote organ and tissue donation. It is led by the Organ and Tissue Authority as part of the national DonateLife campaign and supported by community events and activities across Australia.

For information visit www.donatelife.gov.au or contact Canowindra Community Health on 63441314