Feb 20
Women and infant’s unit welcomes new arrivals

Orange Health Service’s Women and Infant’s Unit has purchased a range of new equipment, following kind donations from the Premi Babes Association.

The Association has been busy fundraising for the purchase of a jaundice monitor (meter), 5 saturation monitors and pieces of smaller equipment for the special care nursery.

Women and Infant’s Maternity Unit Manager Jenny Soar said the equipment will help in the day to day running of the unit.

“The jaundice monitor will allow us to check a newborn’s jaundice level by emitting a beam of light on to the baby’s skin.  The reflection of the light beam is then interpreted as a measurement of the degree of ‘yellowness’ of the skin.

“Used in conjunction with other tests the jaundice meter helps us to identify babies who may need extra care and monitoring.” Ms Soar said.

5 new Saturation Monitors have also arrived.

“These are specialised monitors that will help us to monitor oxygen levels in a new baby and we will now have one available in all of our birthing rooms thanks to Premi Babes donation.

“We are very grateful for the work of the Premi Babes Association. They are a wonderfully dedicated group who volunteer their time and raise money for the unit.” Ms Soar said. 

An afternoon tea will be held on Wednesday 22 February at 2.30pm in the Women and Infant’s Unit to thank the members of the Premi Babes Association and show them the new equipment.


Media Contact: NUM Jenny Soar on 6369 3222 or Media Officer Rachel Buchanan on 0428 261 899.