Jan 27
WNSWLHD project recognised on national stage

The Western NSW Local Health District (WNSWLHD) has showcased the SOS (Signs of Strangulation) Project at the National, Stop Domestic Violence Conference. 

Danielle Allen and Julieanne Potts, presented their project; Improving Responses for Victims of Domestic Violence Presenting with Non-Fatal Strangulation at Orange Emergency Department. 

WNSWLHD Executive Director Integrated Care Julie Cooper said, “This project started as part of the Clinical Leadership Program, but has turned into something so much bigger”. 

“Danielle and Julieanne were finalist in the for the WNSWLHD Living Quality & Safety Awards 2020- Secretary’s Award- Integrated Value Based Care Award and have now shared their findings and research on the National stage”. 

The project included the development of a vital medical alert resource card to provide to victims of Domestic and Family Violence (DFV); S.O.S (Signs of Strangulation) card. 

“The S.O.S card is now being used by the majority of NSW Local Health District’s and other service providers including other government and non-government services who assist victims of Domestic and Family Violence”. Julie said. 

“During the project implementation at Orange Health Service Emergency Department, we saw a vast improvement in service provision, the development of education and resources and new processes and guidelines for responding to victims of Domestic and Family Violence. 

“As a result and success of the project we have updated the way staff respond to victims of domestic and family violence presenting with Non-Fatal Strangulation. It is being rolled out across all facilities in the WNSWLHD by the PARVAN (Prevention and Response to Violence, Abuse and Neglect) team.

“I am extremely proud that we have turned this into a whole of Local Health District (LHD) response. The safety and health of our patients in every part of the WNSWLHD is important. The WNSWLHD stands against any form of domestic and family violence. 

“The commitment to creating positive change for our LHD by Danielle and Julieanne is inspiring”. Julie said. 
Danielle and Julianne are part of the Western NSW Local Health District PARVAN team with the Integrated Care Directorate. Danielle is a Safer Pathways Co-ordinator for Domestic Violence and Julianne is the Senior Clinical Lead for the Sexual Assault Service.

Julieanne Potts_Danielle Allen DV conference.jpg