Mar 15
Podiatry service for nyngan

Nyngan Health Service is pleased to announce the re-commencement of a podiatry service.

Residents of the Bogan Shire will now be able to access foot care without having to leave town, said Ms Jenny Griffiths, Nyngan Health Service Manager.

“Numerous health conditions such as diabetes, peripheral vascular disease and various immune system conditions can have a huge impact on foot health,” said Ms Griffiths.

“A regular podiatry service will ensure that the residents of Nyngan have access to foot care at their doorstep.”

In order to meet the eligibility criteria patients must have a foot health issue which requires podiatry assessment/intervention and have a medical condition which places the feet at risk (for example diabetes, history of falls).

The service is funded under the Rural Primary Health Service funding scheme. The new service requires a referral from a Health Professional (for example Community Nurse or General Practitioner). The waiting list that was established under the previous podiatry service will be revoked.

Once you have a referral to the service please call into Nyngan Health Service reception to make an appointment. Appointments cannot be booked without referrals. Patients who are able to access private podiatry services through other means are encouraged to do so. All appointments will be triaged according to urgency and medical history.

Clients who wish to see Community Health staff regarding referrals are reminded that drop in times are 8.30am to 9.30am and 3pm to 3.30pm. Appointments must be made outside of these times.