Mar 29
Lizards, tortoises and bugs! oh my! zoo animals to visit Dubbo children’s ward

DubboBase Hospitalwill welcome some weird and wonderful visitors later this week (Thursday 29 March 2012).

As part of the Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s 35th Birthday celebrations the education team will bring a variety of animals to the Children’s Ward.

Nurse Unit Manager of the Children’s Ward Deanne Dent said it will be a great day to bring joy and distraction to sick children.

“Well it’s not just the kids who are very excited about seeing the animals, the staff are certainly looking forward to it also!

“It’s also really great initiative as this is activity will be inclusive of a wide age range of children in the ward on that day.” Ms Dent said.

Some of the animals that may be visit the kids, include a Diamond or Children’s Python, Tortoise, Stick insect, Ringtail Possum, Echidna, Crocodile, Blue Tongued Lizard and maybe even a Bearded Dragon.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Senior Education Officer, Kristy Robberts said “As part of the Zoo’s 35th birthday celebrations we want to be able to give back to the community that has supported us over the past 35 years.”

“We want to not only share memories about experiences at the Zoo but also create new ones and we hope that today we will create some wonderful memories for the children and staff.”

“Our Zoomobile regularly visits schools and playgroups in the region but this is the first visit to the children’s ward and we are all very excited to brighten up the kids day by getting them up close and personal with some of the Zoo’s animals,” said Kristy

The visit will take place on Thursday 29 March 2012 at 11am in the Dubbo Base Hospital Children’s Ward.