Mar 30
Don’t be tripped up this april falls day®!

The Western NSW Local Health District is taking a stand this April in a bid to increase falls prevention awareness in the community. 

Falls Prevention Coordinator Shelley Moor said while a fall can be very serious they are also largely preventable.

“By actively recognising some simple ways to avoid or minimise the risk of a fall, a person will reduce their chance of taking a tumble.

“Falls come at a very high cost to both the health service and also an individual. Not only can they physically injured but can also be socially isolated as a result of a fall and emotionally affected as well.” Ms Moor.

The Health District is hosting a wide range of activities over the month of April to promote falls prevention.

Activities to be held throughout the month will include an Open Day at Forbes promoting falls prevention programs, a Healthy Bones lunch at Peak Hill and displays at doctor surgeries, pharmacy and Warren MPS recruiting people for a free falls prevention assessment.

Meantime Bathurst will host a display in the hospital foyer while Dubbo will have several displays in the hospital, including the foyer, Intensive Care Unit and Community Health Centre. S Block will be educating all patients through the ward in April about Falls Prevention.

Orange Health Service will have a manned stall at the front entrance and several events of wards, as well as a Coronary Care and Stroke Unit awareness program.

Falls prevention is an important focus area for the Health District.

“One in three people over the age of 65 fall each year, and as the population continues to age the problem of injury from falls is expected to increase.

“It’s hoped that by spreading a few simple suggestions about falls prevention and bone health this month we will help people stay on their feet,” said Ms Moor.

The new NSW Ministry of Health website: more information and features a very helpful booklet called Staying active and on your feet,- with exercises to do at home and where to find a falls prevention exercise program in communities across NSW.


For more information about activities planned during April and to arrange an interview please contact Falls Prevention Coordinator Shelley Moor on 6363 8078 or 0428 486 636.