Apr 23
Women and infant’s unit - welcomes new equipment

 Jaundiced babies will be treated by the latest piece of equipment purchased with funds donated by the Blue Ladies volunteers.

 A Mediled Phototherapy Unit has arrived for the Women and Infant’s Unit at Orange Health Service.

 Acting Nursing Unit Manager Lauren Frazer said the equipment will be put to regular use in the ward.

 “About half of babies born will experience jaundice to varying degrees, and it is more common in babies who are born prematurely.

 “This phototherapy unit allows us to provide a simple, effective and non-invasive treatment to new-born babies.” Ms Frazer said.

 The phototherapy unit will be used in close conjunction with the recently purchased Jaundice Meters, which will help determine the babies who could benefit from phototherapy.

 “We are getting some great new pieces of equipment, which will help us to deliver better care to our new mothers and babies.

“The jaundice meters and phototherapy unit are used frequently and they offer comfortable treatment and assessment options for our little patients,” said Ms Frazer.

 Symptoms of jaundice in babies include a yellow tinge to their skin and whites of their eyes.