May 22
It’s just like walking – only different! rylstone residents urged to try pole walking

A fast growing, exciting and fun activity – Pole Walking – is to be introduced to Rylstone Health One.  Pole walking is an activity for people of all ages in the community because it is convenient, safe and fun.  It is just like walking but with the addition of poles for enhanced physical benefits.

Rylstone Health One will conduct a “Come and Try Session” at the Health Centre on Monday June 4th at 2.00pm.

“Pole Walking is simply a feel-good, fun, friendly and functional way to move about,” said Michael Gates, who has pioneered the promotion of Pole Walking throughout Australia.

“Since walking has been the most common form of mobility for thousands of years, simply adding the poles to your walk makes it that much better,” said Mr Gates.

Greg Smith, who has been Pole Walking for just a few months, says “I thought I’d never find an activity that would fit into my busy schedule and that I would enjoy but pole walking has been convenient and enjoyable.  I’m having an excellent time, meeting new people and feeling great”.


If you would like to know more about Pole Walking and the “Come and Try Session” call Rylstone Health One on 63578150.