Jun 22
Orange welcomes leading urological surgeon to deliver training during world continence week 24-30 June 2012

Orange Health Service’s Department of Urology will recognise World Continence Week by learning innovative surgical techniques from a leading US surgeon.

Urological Surgeon Dr Gerard Henry will deliver training in the insertion of devices to help manage, improve and stop urinary incontinence, especially in men.

Orange Health Service Urological Surgeon Dr Clair Whelan said it’s a huge boost to regional urology services to have a surgeon of Dr Henry’s calibre visit.

“These invaluable training visits are usually conducted in large metropolitan hospitals in Sydney and Melbourne, so to have Dr Henry come to Orange to deliver his training is very exciting.

“We are all very eager to learn from a leader in our field and will be listening and watching very closely as he imparts his expert knowledge.” Dr Whelan said.

The visit coincides with World Continence Week, with this year’s year's campaign is Improve your bottom line promoting healthy bladder and bowel habits.

“Bladder and bowel control problems will affect one in four people, this week is a great opportunity to recognise and talk about continence and spread the work that bladder and bowel control problems can be treated, better managed and in many cases cured.

“Continence concerns can affect men and women of all ages and the problems are unlikely to go away on their own.”

To improve your bottom line a few simple steps can be followed.

  • Eat well
  • Drink well
  • Exercise regularly
  • Keep your pelvic floor toned
  • Practice good toilet habits


Media is invited to attend part of the surgical training session on Tuesday 26 June at 8am.

Please meet Media Officer Melissa Hamling in the foyer of Orange Health Service.

Please call Melissa Hamling (Mon/Tues) on 6369 3833 / 0417 511 738 or Rachel Buchanan (Wed-Fri) on 6369 3832 / 0428 261 899.