Aug 28
Orange Health Service Leading The Way With New Health Care Model

Orange Health Service this week will proudly introduce a new initiative, proven to deliver safer and more effective health care to patients.

In Safe Hands –SIBR  Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds ( pronounced cyber), is currently being rolled out at hospitals across the United States, and Orange Health Service will lead New South Wales by simultaneously rolling out the program here.

The Orange Health Service team has been working closely with local and international health teams in the lead up to launching the new model.

“We experienced SIBR, and inspected the program first hand during a visit to the US. The model has led to significant reductions in mortality rates, infections, medication errors and also hyper and hypo glycaemic attacks,“ said team members Dr Gabriel Shannon and Dr Darryl Mackender.

As part of the In Safe Hands - SIBR initiative, Orange Health Service will co-locate Medical A Ward and the Medical Assessment Unit with Medical B Ward, opening one 30 bed Accountable Care Unit, which will result in medical, nursing and allied health staff being located in the one unit.

“This model of care is about delivering the best possible care to our patients. It has a real focus on communication, and where the difference will be felt the most is at the patient’s bedside.

“During ward rounds, a team of multi-disciplinary health staff will speak with the patient, their family members and each other and determine health care goals for the patient,” said Director of Nursing Susan Patterson.

Advantages of this model include:

  • Medical staff continuously located in the unit to provide continuous support
  • Supportive environment for staff – including daily interdisciplinary education sessions.
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • Reduction in patient mortality and medication errors.
  • Early recognition of the deteriorating patient.
  • Staff feel part of a team and supported


SIBR Project Officer Gail Simpson says “The program has had such great success overseas, they now have a waiting list of staff wanting to work in the units where the program is operational.

“As part of In Safe Hands - SIBR, patients will also be given a phone number to call their nurse directly if they have a question, and they’ll have a contract each day, which outlines what their goals are for the day. That might be to get out of bed, or walk 10 metres, but it makes the patient and the nurse accountable for results.”

The Orange Health Service will host a visit from members of the Clinical Excellence Commission who have sponsored the rollout of this exciting model.


Media is invited to attend this visit and hear more about SIBR on Wednesday 29 August 2012 at 10 am. Please meet Rachel Buchanan in the foyer and contact 0428 261 899 for more detail or to arrange an interview.