Sep 19
Lachlan Health Service Redevelopment Staff Briefing

The Western NSW Local Health District (LHD) has met with Lachlan Health Service Staff to discuss the important Lachlan Health Service Redevelopment.

Chief Executive Dr Pim Allen said the meeting was a great opportunity to update staff about the progress being made and the process moving forward for the project.

“Now that we have secured funding for the master planning and feasibility phases, we are progressing with a detailed planning and consultation process. We can now move forward and improve hospital facilities at Forbes and Parkes within the Lachlan Health Service.

“The initial meeting with staff was extremely positive and was a great opportunity to begin our discussions with them about this unique and highly anticipated project,” Dr Allen said.

The meeting was also a chance to confirm the Health District’s commitment to maintaining existing health services at each campus.

The current planning and investigation phase will detail how the facilities can support the local communities, now and into the future.

The Lachlan Health Service Redevelopment is a major project that responds to the health needs of not only the Forbes and Parkes communities, but the surrounding community as well.

At last night’s meeting, Lachlan Health Service staff including Visiting Medical Officers and Lachlan Health Council members were given a detailed brief on the project.

“We will now meet with a range of community stakeholders about the redevelopment, and keep the staff and community well informed during each stage of this project.” Dr Allen said.

Local clinicians, staff and Health Council members will be heavily involved with the planning and design of the redevelopment through a rigorous user group process.

“The Local Health District is very excited to have the project underway and we are looking forward to working with staff and community as we enter this next phase,” said Dr Allen.

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